About me

Simone Carlotti enters the world of tourism in 1996, as a travel agent of one of the most important and successful travel-tour operator in Tuscany agencies. Since then he never stopped, planning to travel and tourism business, accompanying groups around the world, working as Travel Manager in multinational tour operator, dealing with the commercial management of a small chain of hotels in Tuscany.

In 2010 strengthens its position in the hospitality segment as an independent consultant for commercial and marketing development for tourism and event. Besides tourism, it deepens knowledge and passion for the world of wine, where for three seasons runs a wine shop and organizes events, guided tastings and accompanies groups to learn about the historical cellars and art cities.

Always voted to welcome the guests in his beloved Tuscany, he is challenging this year with Amor Toscano project; accompany all those who want to be guided to the discovery of taste, art and culture, nature, making use of selected and reliable collaborators.